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Alaya Holidays

The Alaya Holidays Team
opens its doors and invites you into a natural and generous environment.

Discover the richness of people, of places, and the wealth within you.


Of primary concern to us is your security and comfort, along with those of our team members.

For this reason, we like to be in direct contact with you, so we can adapt the trips to meet your wishes and capacities, relative to our various territories.

To help you evaluate the kind of trip you’d like to have with us, a list of grades follows below. 

Please do not hesitate to write to us, as it is our pleasure to prepare an itinerary for you.


Walking: Easy walks accessible to all. 2 - 3 hours of walking per day, sometimes interrupted by a day of rest.

Easy: Terrain without technical difficulties.  It is recommended to practice a maintenance sports activity.
100 to 300m elevation with 3 - 5 hours of walking per day.

Moderate: Itinerary with a series of activities each day. No technical difficulties but
 the practice of a regular physical activity is recommended. 
300 - 600m elevation with 4 - 6 hours of walking per day.

Sustained: Terrain that may include technical difficulties, affecting hours of walking and elevation.
For confirmed athletes with good endurance.
500 – 800m of elevation with 5-6 hours of walking per day.

Extreme: Difficult terrain with various technical difficulties,
traversing elevated mountain passes and long stages.
It is mandatory to have a very regular sports training and good endurance.
700 - 1200 m elevation with 6 - 8 hours of walking per day.