Visa system of Nepal

Visa systems of Nepal/Visa apply for India, Bhutan and Tibet from Nepal

Opting for Visa in Nepal is fairly easy. It can be obtained when you enter the country via Tribhuvwan International Airport or any border entry points. All you need is your passport and a passport size photograph. Passport should be valid with more than 6 months for the date of expiration. The payment for Visa can be made in Australian Dollar, US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Pound Sterling or Swiss Franc. Nepali and Indian Currency are not accepted, neither are credit cards. In case you are residing outside the country, you can opt for one in the nearest Nepalese embassy.

Nepal has an open border with India and Indian who wants to visit Nepal does not need a Visa. However, some means of identification like the passport or driving license or any other approved by the Indian Government is needed as a proof of being a citizen of India. It may also include ration card as long as it is sanctioned by the Government of India.

For Chinese citizen, they have to apply for tourist visa to Nepal. They are provided with ‘gratis tourist visa’ from Embassy of Nepal in Beijing or other Nepalese Delegation office located in Hong Kong (Consulate General of Nepal) and Shanghai (Honorary Consulate of Nepal). The visa holders can stay up to a maximum of 150 days in Nepal in a visa year starting January 1st and ending 31st.

For Tibetan people, Visa can be applied from Consulate General Nepal in Lhasa or simply on arrival in Nepal. Visa can be obtained in two days not accounting for public holidays on Saturdays and Fridays.

If you are from other countries besides India and China, a tourist visa can be obtained from either Diplomatic missions or Nepalese embassy in their respective countries or the entry point. For the first time visitors of South Asia Gratis visa of 30 days can be received.  However, the visa can be extended for up to 90 days by paying certain charges. It can be done in Department of Immigration or Pokhara Immigration office.
Nationals of some countries like Nigeria, Liberia, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe need to apply and obtain their visa in their own country as visa on arrival system in not available for them. They can apply in the Nepalese embassy or diplomatic mission.

Nepal is a country that is a must for nature lovers and for casual tourist alike. With many tourist destinations and availability of the wide array of nature and culture, this land is not to be underestimated. Just last year 729,500 international tourists entered Nepal and are expected to rise further in 2017. This shows for the great prospect and endowment Nepal holds for the tourists. Applying and receiving the visa for Nepal is not difficult. Combine that with all the adventure that awaits and you have your perfect trip planned