Nepal the birth place of Buddha and Tara

Nepal the birth place of Buddha and Tara (Bhrikuti)
Nepal, a country small, yet known all over the world. Among several of those representing this small nation, some hold a particular spot. The founder of Buddhism and the Light of Asia, Lord Buddha holds an even special one. Born in the Lumbini zone of Nepal, Buddha is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, one of the three major deities in Hinduism.

Today 5.25% of the total world population practice Buddhism and most of them from South Asia. Originated even before the age of the Christ, BCE 600- BCE 400, this religion focuses on the path to liberation and salvation through the sacrifice of worldly material desire, love, kindness, and compassion. 
Despite the deep controversy about Buddha being born in Nepal, it is no doubt that this land is where He originated from. The argument stems from the fact that Lumbini was not a part of Nepal at that time of age. Now, the case is different. Although there is a man made Lumbini in India, it does not change the fact that Buddha was definitely born in Shakya kingdom of Kapilvastu. This argument has caused various disagreements, both verbal and in action between India and Nepal both standing on their firm ground on their belief, yet the truth remains absolute. 
Preaching of Buddha has not persisted only for those who follow this religion, even those who don’t have to adhere to his wisdom. Since ages, Nepal has been driven by his divine teaching and followed his light. As a result, Nepal is now known as the country of peace. Although the value of his beliefs has seen a significant downgraded, there are still who lives the life that he endorsed.

Tara, a Hindu Deity revered for encompassing time and life is believed to be an enlightened being, viewed much greater than God. Having such a great recognition, the existence and origination of these two transcended being made Nepal one of the most popular destination for tourist and devotees alike.
Bhrikuti, the reincarnation of Tara was born in the 6th century and although no concrete data were found regarding her, she is believed to be the daughter of King Amshuvarma. She married Songtsän Gampo, the founder of the TibetanEmpire and further strengthened the relation between the two lands. Lack of authentic materials has made the Nepalese history shrouded in mystery. However, somethings have come by uncharred. Like how Bhrikuti represented the light of the world, how her preaching coincided with that of Buddha about love and prosperity.

Nepal, a small country that may look insignificant to the world, holds one of the greatest spiritual and divine importances to the entire world. Being operated by the mechanism of divinity and peace, the country is unique among all. The land of peace is no myth and Nepal shows for it